The Lost Astronomer

If you’re a woman going through IVF, there’s tons of info. But if you’re a bloke? Not so much. Compared to IVF, the mysteries of the Universe can appear quite straightforward… Updates every Monday(ish)



IVF: Round 2 – Now, where did I leave my snow shoes…?

Here we go again. Like punch-drunk boxers rising from the mat, we are starting our second round of IVF. It is easier and harder than last time; easier because we know what is coming, harder because... Well, we know what... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 7, round 2 – Scans, scans, and more scans

Once again, Mrs Astronomer had a baseline scan to check out the state of her uterus. We were considering another round of IVF, but have decided against it for the time being. The reason is this: It's a polyp tucked... Continue Reading →

Why yes, I’m a Geek

So, it's been a tough month. IVF failed, and we've needed to pause and take stock, taking a deep breath before getting back on with life. Fortunately, life has been keeping me busy; We've had an offer on our house... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 67 – Confirmation

The alarm went off at 6 AM, as normal, for Mrs Astronomer to take her thrice daily dose of Progesterone. Shortly afterwards I was roused from my nice warm bed to hold her hand whilst she peed in a jar.... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 65 – On Failure

It's not looking great. Mrs Astronomer is in tears almost constantly, and I don't feel great about the situation. We still have two blastocysts waiting in the freezer at the IVF clinic, and we've yet to take the pregnancy test,... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 64 – Blood

So, a week after the event, and there's blood. There's been little to do since egg transfer day. Waiting for a pregnancy test this Wednesday has been a slow torture; there has been literally nothing we've been able to do... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 56 – Egg transfer day

So, today's the day. Out of 10 eggs harvested, six were mature enough. Of these six, five fertilised successfully. Of these five, two were mature enough by transfer day for insertion. One was frozen, the other selected for insertion, and... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 53 – The great egg hangover

Mrs Astronomer has been woozy and not-quite-with-it since the IVF egg collection yesterday morning, and to be honest she's not brilliant today. She's in a bit of pain but nowhere near as bad as she was immediately after egg collection, when... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 52 – The great egg hunt

Today was egg collection. The culmination of weeks of hormones and sleepless nights. Drama! Suspense! A crack team of fertility specialists poking around my wife's lady bits! The day started reasonably early with Mrs Astronomer on a nil by mouth... Continue Reading →

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