The Lost Astronomer

If you’re a woman going through IVF, there’s tons of info. But if you’re a bloke? Not so much. Compared to IVF, the mysteries of the Universe can appear quite straightforward… Updates every Monday(ish)



Books I’ve Read: “Endurance – The Greatest Adventure Story Ever Told”

For once, the book's blurb doesn't lie. This genuinely is one of the greatest stories ever told. With that said, I can safely end this rev- What's that? You've never heard of the Endurance? Or the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition? What... Continue Reading →

Childlessness on Father’s Day

I'm really not a fan of Father's day. I never particularly have been in the first place, as it all seems a bit manufactured - the first recorded calls for a day recognising fathers are from 1908 (1), from a Grace... Continue Reading →


Everything is uncertain. The people we’re buying our new house from are in the process of having a baby. This complicates matters, to say the least; they’ve got a caesarean scheduled for the end of June, and they’re unwilling to... Continue Reading →

High Flight

This is the very essence, the joy and thrill of flight; dancing in the sky on laughter-silvered wings. The feeling of being alone in the sky, seeing things which few others do. I'm not talking about being a passenger on a commercial aircraft,... Continue Reading →

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