The Lost Astronomer

If you’re a woman going through IVF, there’s tons of info. But if you’re a bloke? Not so much. Compared to IVF, the mysteries of the Universe can appear quite straightforward… Updates every Monday(ish)



Skywatch: November 2017

It’s finally here. The month the clocks change! Ignore those who moan about it getting dark early, shun those who bewail leaving work in the dark. Finally, finally, it’s possible to be a hobby astronomer and still keep social hours... Continue Reading →

Skywatch: October 2017

October is a good month for stargazing, particularly as we're treated to not one, but two meteor showers this month: October 5 - Venus and Mars are in conjunction in early dawn, forming a tight pair; they're only about ¼° apart... Continue Reading →

Skywatch: Sept 17

Nights are starting to draw in again, so soon it'll be stargazing season! September is when everything starts to become far more fun from an astronomy perspective. The short nights of July and August that required you to stay up... Continue Reading →

Theophilus, Cyrillus & Catharina

There's a skill in taking photos of space. A lot of this skill comes from preparation, a lot in knowledge, even more in the equipment and a great deal of it is in luck. I don't have any of that.... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s pregnant but my wife

One of my aunts just gave birth to her second yesterday: Hannah, 8lb 2. I have no idea if that's big, small, or indifferent. Heck, I only have a vague idea of how much a pound weighs: so she'd be... Continue Reading →

Skywatch: Feb 17

Continuing on my "constellation a month" theme, this month I’ll be talking about the Plough (or the Big Dipper, The Saucepan, Ursa Major or even The Great Bear, depending on where you're from. Even though it looks nothing like a... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day one – Unseen Problems

After months of waiting, the IVF process has officially begun. Yesterday Mrs Astronomer started her period and so the clock is running, because this cycle is when we start the drugs routine, switching off her ovar...

Skywatch: Jan 17

This will be an easy to follow, slightly tongue in cheek (but hopefully still useful) monthly digest on what’s up above you in the night sky of January 2017, for latitudes similar to that of the UK (Canada, N America, Ea...

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