The Lost Astronomer

If you’re a woman going through IVF, there’s tons of info. But if you’re a bloke? Not so much. Compared to IVF, the mysteries of the Universe can appear quite straightforward… Updates every Monday(ish)

Childlessness on Father’s Day

I'm really not a fan of Father's day. I never particularly have been in the first place, as it all seems a bit manufactured - the first recorded calls for a day recognising fathers are from 1908 (1), from a Grace... Continue Reading →


The Goliath Window

This is marvelous. John Finnimore's The Goliath Window is a half hour, two man rapid-fire comedy dialogue from Radio four; I have seldom been so creased over in my life. Two men - one a mild mannered vicar, the other a brash, bold... Continue Reading →


Everything is uncertain. The people we’re buying our new house from are in the process of having a baby. This complicates matters, to say the least; they’ve got a caesarean scheduled for the end of June, and they’re unwilling to... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 7, round 2 – Scans, scans, and more scans

Once again, Mrs Astronomer had a baseline scan to check out the state of her uterus. We were considering another round of IVF, but have decided against it for the time being. The reason is this: It's a polyp tucked... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 1, round 2 – Full Flow

So, here we go again. Ever gone off the high board at the pool? You know, the 10 meter one? I once had to go off the high board when I was going though air force training - a confidence... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s pregnant but my wife

One of my aunts just gave birth to her second yesterday: Hannah, 8lb 2. I have no idea if that's big, small, or indifferent. Heck, I only have a vague idea of how much a pound weighs: so she'd be... Continue Reading →

IVF: Back to square one

So, it's back to square one. We've had a month or so to reflect on our last unsuccessful IVF attempt; this week involved a meeting with the Doctor to discuss our next steps. Tuesday afternoon saw us in the same waiting room again... Continue Reading →

Why yes, I’m a Geek

So, it's been a tough month. IVF failed, and we've needed to pause and take stock, taking a deep breath before getting back on with life. Fortunately, life has been keeping me busy; We've had an offer on our house... Continue Reading →

High Flight

This is the very essence, the joy and thrill of flight; dancing in the sky on laughter-silvered wings. The feeling of being alone in the sky, seeing things which few others do. I'm not talking about being a passenger on a commercial aircraft,... Continue Reading →

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