The Lost Astronomer

If you’re a woman going through IVF, there’s tons of info. But if you’re a bloke? Not so much. Compared to IVF, the mysteries of the Universe can appear quite straightforward… Updates every Monday(ish)



IVF: Round 2 – Now, where did I leave my snow shoes…?

Here we go again. Like punch-drunk boxers rising from the mat, we are starting our second round of IVF. It is easier and harder than last time; easier because we know what is coming, harder because... Well, we know what... Continue Reading →

IVF: “We’ve had to cancel your appointment because…”

It’s been a tough week. Thursday saw our IVF consultancy in Oxford cancelled less than a week before it was supposed to happen. We’ve not exactly been looking forwards to it, per se –  going to hospital to find out... Continue Reading →

Charting my wife’s emotions (for science)

Mrs Astronomer has quit her job. I was expecting it for some time, as she's just been getting more and more wound up about it. She's fed up of librarianship, and the stress has been really getting to her. It's... Continue Reading →

Congratulations, now I’ll just clear up this mess

It had to happen at some point; a friend from university has finally given birth to her firstborn. We've both known this girl for over ten years: we studied history modules together at university, and she trained as a librarian with... Continue Reading →

Childlessness on Father’s Day

I'm really not a fan of Father's day. I never particularly have been in the first place, as it all seems a bit manufactured - the first recorded calls for a day recognising fathers are from 1908 (1), from a Grace... Continue Reading →


Everything is uncertain. The people we’re buying our new house from are in the process of having a baby. This complicates matters, to say the least; they’ve got a caesarean scheduled for the end of June, and they’re unwilling to... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 7, round 2 – Scans, scans, and more scans

Once again, Mrs Astronomer had a baseline scan to check out the state of her uterus. We were considering another round of IVF, but have decided against it for the time being. The reason is this: It's a polyp tucked... Continue Reading →

IVF: Day 1, round 2 – Full Flow

So, here we go again. Ever gone off the high board at the pool? You know, the 10 meter one? I once had to go off the high board when I was going though air force training - a confidence... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s pregnant but my wife

One of my aunts just gave birth to her second yesterday: Hannah, 8lb 2. I have no idea if that's big, small, or indifferent. Heck, I only have a vague idea of how much a pound weighs: so she'd be... Continue Reading →

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