Things never do go exactly to plan, do they?

We were supposed to be completing on the house about a month ago. We’ve been saying “We’ll be moving in in about a fortnight” for about two months now. And now… We’re not. We’ve found somewhere nicer, much better, in a tiny village in Wiltshire. Three beds, room to build an extension, it backs on to woods and everything. Our offer was accepted this afternoon. However, it means back to square one when it comes to searches, solicitors, etc. This is quite frustrating, and Mrs Astronomer has suddenly become a ball of stress again. However, it’s a house we both like, and we suddenly feel quite grown up again and not at all like students living in our pokey Flat of Doom.

Mrs Astro has returned to worrying about mortgages again, whereas I’m just worrying about my exam on Wednesday, for which I am laughingly under-prepared, and why this post is much shorter than usual as I should be revising Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Transforms… which I am not currently doing. After that, I’m free for a few weeks, until the Graphs, Network and Design module turns up.

Ah well, so long as things are moving along…!