It’s been a tough week. Thursday saw our IVF consultancy in Oxford cancelled less than a week before it was supposed to happen. We’ve not exactly been looking forwards to it, per se –  going to hospital to find out if your wife needs surgery to remove a polyp in her womb and a cyst on her ovaries (or not) isn’t exactly my idea of fun – but it’s been the next step in finding out what happens next. We’ve been anticipating it for a while, counting down the days and then suddenly, it’s cancelled, without any word on when it’s due to be. Mrs Astronomer had to do quite a bit of chasing to find out what the rescheduled appointment date was, so she was not a happy bunny. Turns out it’s been moved to the end of the month. It’s all extra time before we can find out what’s happening next; yet more time until any operation that might be needed, and then even more time until we can start round two of IVF or use our frozen zygotes, which are patiently waiting in a freezer somewhere to be used, presumably stuffed at the back between the IVF clinic’s tub of vanilla ice cream and a half – filled stack of ice cubes. Meanwhile, we’re doing all this waiting and time is against us, because neither of us are getting younger. Every monthly cycle Mrs Astro goes through is another minuscule step to the right on the chart of diminishing returns of fertility statistics – we’d really like to just get on with it.

Another thing we’d like to get on with is buying our house. We’re still in the single bedroom Flat of Doom, and it’s starting to wear a little thin. We’re waiting for the vendors to finish getting an electrical survey of the house done, along with fixing the TV aerial (after they promised to do it in May, worse luck). Still… nothing. Once they’re done with that, we’ll be happy to sign for the house, collect the keys, and mov- oh, wait! We completely forgot about the chain of three houses which sit after it…

Mrs Astro is not a happy bunny over all this either; not a happy bunny at all. There have been lots of tears and she’s very close to walking away from the whole thing. She’s been looking at other houses online, and even looking to go visit a couple; if she likes the look of one more than the house we’re buying, then there will be trouble ahead. Worse, what if I like the look of the new house more than the one we’re already buying? What if I end up agreeing with her, and then we end up stuck in the Flat of Doom for another six months whilst we try to sort out buying that one instead…?

Mind you, Mrs Astro is not a happy bunny about many things at the moment – like the fact that the bed in the Flat of Doom is broken, because someone (who shall remain nameless, but it wasn’t me) sat down on it too heavily and broke the slats. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but as she’s (understandably) on edge about a lot of quite major issues in life at the moment, this pushed her over the edge. Life didn’t quite have to be put on hold until it was repaired, but it was a close run thing. It’s been a fun weekend…!