This is marvelous. John Finnimore’s The Goliath Window is a half hour, two man rapid-fire comedy dialogue from Radio four; I have seldom been so creased over in my life. Two men – one a mild mannered vicar, the other a brash, bold sailor – meet in 1820 rural Shropshire to sketch a scene for a stained glass window. I listened to it earlier on the radio on the way back from work and I was laughing so hard I had to pull over to listen to the rest!

“This is the vestry of St Anne’s church, in the village of Mainton Chennet, in the year 1820. It contains everything you would expect to find, in the way of hymnbooks, cassocks, etc, and one or two things you would not expect, such as a large, stark naked sailor”.

I’ve always enjoyed John Finnimore’s comedy – his souvenir programme show is wonderfully silly. Half hour sketch dialogue is difficult to maintain, but he manages it. I haven’t heard anything so good in years; I really recommend it!

“…but if a man eats his own arm, what of it? Is it not his own, to do with what he chooses?”

“No sir, our bodies are not ours, but they are leased from the Lord.”

“Ahha, but I may knaw at my own fingernails! Where does the Lord draw the line? The wrist? The elbow?”

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